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Thursday, February 9 at 7pm. Online. With better awareness of BPA, PFAS, micro-plastic, and other hazards in our environment and in our bodies, concern over plastics pollution has been growing. Over the last 10 years, Newton has successfully eliminated the … Read More

One of the most imperative tasks ahead of us is weaning ourselves off of fossil fuels. Energy efficient retrofits, removing natural gas from home heating and cooking, and finding ways to get around beyond gas-powered vehicles are top priorities. These … Read More

Film plastic includes everything from plastic mailers, plastic grocery bags, bread bags, bubble wrap and newspaper bags to shrink wrap and product overwrap. Some kinds of film plastic can be recycled at retail stores, where they are made into composite lumber and woven … Read More

Fulfilled Goods (612 Washington Street, Newtonville), a Newton store specializing in zero waste, is running a refill campaign (#resolvetorefill) this month and will be offering a discount on different refills each week.  Here are the specials: Week of 1/9 – 10% off … Read More

Friday, January 20 at 10-11am. Online. Over the last ten years, solid waste policy in Massachusetts has been unsuccessful. The Commonwealth is burning and burying as much waste every year as we were in 2010. While we are diverting more … Read More

The majority of clothing on the planet is made from plastic-based materials like polyester, rayon, nylon, and acrylic. When washed, synthetic clothing sheds tiny plastic fragments known as microfibers. Microfibers are the most prevalent type of microplastic (plastic pieces less … Read More

On Saturday, December 10, do some zero waste holiday shopping and support several of Newton’s women-owned businesses. Newton’s ThreadED: Fashion for a Future is heading up the Goods That Do Good Holiday shopping event. ThreadEd will be selling quality, donated … Read More