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Saturday, January 21 from 2-3pm. Online. Insects are vital, fascinating, weird and wonderful. They are food, pollinators, recyclers, pest controllers, and much more, so we should be deeply concerned that they are in rapid decline. Dave Goulson will explain the … Read More

Wednesday, January 11 from 7-8:30pm. Online. The Newton Citizens Commission on Energy’s 2021 analysis concluded that 61% of the city’s total emissions originated in the residential sector (houses and cars). Clearly, we must reduce emissions from households and related transportation … Read More

Questions have been raised regarding the adequacy of the Eversource distribution system and the New England electric grid, particularly in the context of the need for electrification in order to address climate change. Both Eversource and the Federal Energy Regulatory … Read More

Tuesday, December 6 at 6pm. Online. Embodied carbon – including the greenhouse gas emissions arising from the manufacturing, transportation, installation, maintenance, and disposal of materials – accounts for 11-23% of our global annual emissions. In spite of the staggering impact … Read More

Monday, November 14 at 7pm. Online. Wondering what you could be doing to keep your trees healthy? When to call an arborist, and how they can help? What to do if you’re concerned that a tree is threatening your house? … Read More

Thursday, November 17 at 3-4pm. Online. If you live in or manage a multi-unit residential building, this webinar is for you. The next wave of Electric Vehicle (EV) adopters will include condo and apartment dwellers. Buildings that offer charging will … Read More

Could existing gas pipelines be adapted to carry environmentally safe geothermal heat to networks of homes and other buildings? At the September 28 meeting of the Newton Citizens Commission on Energy (NCCE), co-founder and executive director of HEET, Audrey Schulman, gave a … Read More