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Mature trees sequester substantial amounts of carbon, something that saplings cannot accomplish for decades. So every loss of a mature tree contributes to the climate crisis. Moreover, the loss of even a single tree impacts air quality, heat levels, and … Read More

Attorneys from the Suffolk School of Law Housing Discrimination Testing Program will examine the history of the real estate industry and government’s roles in racial discrimination, current roles in housing discrimination, and ways to mitigate implicit biases to ensure that … Read More

For Phase II of Village Center Zoning Updates, the Community Engagement Network invites Newton community members to collaborate with city staff to make engagement materials and activities fun and accessible. Click here for the application and full details. Applications are … Read More

Northland Newton

On Sunday, February 6 at 3:30pm, join Newton City Councilors Downs and Bowman, along with State Representatives Tommy Vitolo of Brookline and Kay Khan of Newton, for an informative online session on how parts of the state’s Climate Action Law … Read More

Bees are critical for pollinating the entire ecosystem including the food we eat. On Wednesday, October 13 from 7-8:30pm, learn in this online presentation which bees are at serious risk, why, and how we can help those in our surrounding … Read More