Marcia Cooper, President

President since 2008 and board member since 2005. Leads Green Newton public affairs and outreach to City leaders and partners with external organizations in support of Green Newton's mission.

Jim Purdy, Vice President, Transportation/Smart Growth Committee Chair

Jim led Green Living and Eco-team groups, and is a long-time member and officer of Friends of Hemlock Gorge. As a land use planning consultant, Jim works with communities to incorporate sustainability into their comprehensive plans and to support pedestrian and bicycle transportation and open space planning.

Sharon Cushing, Treasurer

Sharon Cushing taught social studies for 10 years and has worked for 25 years as a financial/retirement advisor. She believes it is our responsibility to honor, protect and enjoy our beautiful planet.

Dan Ruben, Chairman of the Board, Buildings Standards Committee Chair

Board member since 1996, Dan has coached numerous residents to live greener lifestyles in Household Ecoteams, Low Carbon Diet Teams and Green Lifestyle Teams. As a professional, Dan directs How to Green Your Hotel, and teaches Sustainable Hospitality to college students and hospitality professionals. He led an organization that brought environmental best practices to the 2004 Democratic National Convention.


Barbara Brousal-Glaser, At-Large

Barbara served three terms as a Newton City Councilor where she helped pass the city’s plastic bag reduction ordinance, the ordinance to ban styrofoam and spearheaded the resolution to support the Green New Deal. She is interested in looking for ways for the private and public sector to work together to support a greater urban tree canopy in Newton.

Craig Forman, Energy Efficiency Committee Chair

Craig Forman leads the volunteer team in the HeatSmart Newton initiative.  He holds multiple engineering and business degrees, and he spent most of his career in telecommunications and medical electronics.  He was also the chair of Green Newton's Newton Goes Solar initiative from 2017-2018.

Alan Gordon

Alan Gordon

Alan has been a Newton resident since 1994. Appointed to the Newton Sustainable Materials Management Commission, Alan advocates within Newton for zero waste policies, single use plastic reduction, and the adoption of residential and business composting. Alan currently works at Harvard University helping faculty launch new startups based on their research innovations.

Brian Hodgson

Brian Hodgson, Marketing Committee

Brian has 25 years experience in marketing in high technology. He believes that climate change is the most important challenge of our time, and that individuals can each make a difference within their local community.

Sunwoo Kahng, Marketing Committee, Zero Waste Committee

Sunwoo was a co-founder of the Green Team at the Mason-Rice Elementary School, and is currently a member of the Newton Sustainable Materials Management Commission. She has an interest in sustainable tech but otherwise tries to lead a life of 'less is more.'

Karen Kipman, Marketing Committee

Karen joins Green Newton's Board with over 15 years of Marketing experience. She lives in Newton with her family, and is passionate about leading a green lifestyle. She believes the environment is the biggest challenge our children will face, and is inspired to help educate & mobilize our local community for a greener tomorrow.

J Lewis

John Lewis, Marketing Committee, Business Liaison

John has been living in Newton for 10 years with his family of 5. He co-chairs the Environment Committee of the Newton Needham Chamber of Commerce, working with local businesses to become more sustainable, and is a member of the Newton Sustainable Materials Management Commission, focusing on increasing the adoption of composting.

Don Ross

Don Ross

Don has been a Newton resident since 1983. Since 2015, he has had solar panels on his roof that power his 2012 Prius Plug-in. As a member of the Electric Vehicle Taskforce, he promotes purchasing and using electric vehicles, bikes, and buses. He is an active member of the Friends of Hemlock Gorge and Friends of Cold Spring Park. As Treasurer of the Newton/San Juan del Sur Sister Cities Project, he travels to Nicaragua to support the Free High School for Adults, the Technical School, water filters, and smoke-free chimneys.

Mindy Gregory Sieber, Governance Chair, Fundraising Chair

Board Member since 2012, Mindy focuses on strategic planning, fundraising and governance. Mindy founded an online store selling goods that are both sustainable and fair-trade. She is also on the board of Newton Community Farm.

Peter Smith, Communications Committee

A founding board member and Past President, Peter has been editor of the Green News.  He is Co-Chair of the Environment Committee of the Newton Needham Chamber of Commerce, initiating their Green Business Awards Breakfast and “Green Solutions EXPO” as well as coordinating Newton Business Energy Savers.

Elizabeth Sockwell

Elizabeth Sockwell

Liza is the founder of the 4C Tree Project (Capture Carbon Commemorate Covid). As part of this project, 260 trees in honor of Newton neighbors and loved ones who lost their lives to Covid have been planted in public places across the city. Liza is part of Newton's Urban Tree Commission and enjoys empowering youth to make change.

Andrew Thompson, At-Large

Andrew has been teaching at Newton South High School since 2000, and co-created a senior elective in sustainability, which has helped students work to make Newton a greener and stronger community. Andrew has worked to make his home as efficient as possible, and had solar installed on his roof in early 2019.


Advisory Board

Ana Zarina Asuaje Solon

Beverly Craig

Lucia Dolan

Beverly Droz

Kevin Dutt

Ellie Goldberg

Barbara Herson

Ira Krepchin

Lois Levin

Brooke Lipsitt

Brita Lundberg

Jean MacRae

Ken Mallory

Heather Tausig

Jay Walter

Tony Zelle



Judy Lehrer Jacobs, Executive Director

Debra Kriensky, Program Manager