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Thursday, February 9 at 7pm. Online. With better awareness of BPA, PFAS, micro-plastic, and other hazards in our environment and in our bodies, concern over plastics pollution has been growing. Over the last 10 years, Newton has successfully eliminated the … Read More

At the next Newton Public Facilities Committee meeting on February 8 (agenda), city councilors will present a resolution supporting the creation of a city-wide plan to equitably achieve efficiencies, reduce emissions and risks of gas infrastructure and expediting electrification.  Resolution … Read More

Pollution Inequality Must Stop; Enforce Roadmap Law Projects In East Boston, Peabody, And Weymouth Are Forms Of Racism By Brita Lundberg and Adrienne Allen Jan 23, 2023 Massachusetts is home to some of the greatest inequalities in pollution in the … Read More

Wednesday, February 1 at 7-8:30pm. Online. Scary headlines about the decline of the natural world that serves as our life support have spurred people across the country to take action by planting natives to help reverse this trend. No plant … Read More