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On Monday, September 18, the City Council passed by a vote of 22-0, the updated “Sustainable Food and Beverage Serviceware, Packaging, and Single Use Ordinance.” This ordinance aims to reduce the use of single-use takeout containers that cannot be reused, … Read More

On February 9, Alan Gordon of the Newton Sustainable Materials Management Commission presented the next iteration of Newton’s sustainable packaging ordinance aims to expand this list to include more single use items by 1) replacing items that cannot be recycled … Read More

Farmers Market

Wednesday, February 1 at 7pm. Online. Two area farms, Gaining Ground in Concord and The Good Food Farm in Ashby, have embarked on an experiment in “no-till agriculture” designed to build healthier soil with better water and carbon retention. As … Read More

Friday, January 20 at 10-11am. Online. Over the last ten years, solid waste policy in Massachusetts has been unsuccessful. The Commonwealth is burning and burying as much waste every year as we were in 2010. While we are diverting more … Read More

Saturday, November 5 from 1-4pm. Newton City Hall (1000 Commonwealth Ave.). Sponsored by the City of Newton, residents are invited to bring their Halloween pumpkins for target practice using any number of methods, including by smashing machines made by the Newton Ligerbots. All … Read More