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Come Visit Us at the Newtonville Whole Foods on January 22

On Monday, January 22 from 11am-1pm, Green Newton will have a table at the Whole Foods Market (647 Washington St., Newtonville), so we hope you’ll get a chance at that time to stop by to say hello. We can help … Read More

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Top 5 Climate Actions You Should Take

  1. Put solar on your rooftop or opt up to 100% clean energy on your electric bill for a very easy but really big impact.
  2. Insulate your home well and electrify your heating and cooling system with heat pumps if you can. Start with a home energy assessment.
  3. Walk, bike, and take public transportation, and make your next car an electric vehicle.
  4. Cut down on meat and dairy consumption, particularly beef. And compost your organics.
  5. Buy less stuff (especially plastic) and reuse what you have.

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