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Many of us want to avoid single use plastic items and excess packaging when we shop for groceries. We are concerned because scientists are finding micro plastics in animals and humans–even in breastmilk. By making careful choices when we buy … Read More

Fall is the best time to start transitioning lawns to organic. The key to a healthy lawn is healthy soil and good mowing, watering, and fertilizing practices. Healthy soil contains high organic content and is teeming with biological life. Healthy … Read More

This Halloween, support green businesses that change the way chocolate is made and that prioritize people and the planet. Why? Child labor and deforestation continue to be ingredients in big name chocolate bars. Green America has created a chocolate scorecard … Read More

The school year begins in a few weeks and shopping for school supplies looms large for many families. Before you reach for new, take a good look at what you already have and can reuse. It can be a teaching … Read More