Green Newton is dedicated to creating an environment in better balance with the natural world by making significant, measurable improvements in the way we use resources. Goals include helping households, businesses and institutions to:

  • Increase energy efficiency and seek alternatives to fossil and nuclear fuels
  • Use integrated pest management and organic alternatives to pesticides
  • Promote high performance/green building measures
  • Prevent pollution through source reduction and reduced consumption
  • Promote reuse and recycling practices
  • Improve waste disposal practices
  • Conserve water and other resources


Core Values

In our work to combat and adapt to climate change through education, advocacy and collaboration, Green Newton is committed to the following values:

  1. Optimism and Urgency
    Green Newton believes that at this critical time for our planet, we must take swift, collective climate action with a spirit of hope, working strategically to move together toward a carbon neutral future.
  2. Individual Action
    Green Newton believes that individual and household actions are crucial to success in mitigating climate change and that our personal choices impact neighboring communities.
  3. Systemic Change
    Green Newton believes that broad implementation of the actions necessary to reduce greenhouse gas emissions requires systemic changes, deliberate investment and strong regulations.
  4. Collaboration
    Green Newton believes that meaningful impact requires sustaining partnerships with diverse stakeholders, including political leaders, educators, scientists, other nonprofits, businesses, government officials, and Newton residents of all ages.
  5. Equal Justice
    Green Newton believes that all people deserve a healthy environment and pledges to use our political and economic power to include all voices when advocating for policies and programs, including the young and the elderly, disabled people, low income people and historically disenfranchised people.
  6. Integrity
    Green Newton believes that to be effective our work must be guided by science and communicated transparently and openly to our community, our members, and ourselves.