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Microirrigation is a low-pressure, low-flow-rate type of irrigation that can reduce the likelihood of overwatering a landscape. This form of irrigation delivers water directly to where it is needed most-the root zone of plants. It also delivers the water slowly … Read More

The Native Plant Trust is the nation’s first plant conservation organization and the only one solely focused on New England’s native plants. They maintain a database of native plants that is searchable by different criteria. Search for plants by name … Read More

Sunday, June 4 from 12-4pm. Garland Road, Newton. Thinking about home energy projects like solar, heat pumps, insulation, or driving electric? Ask a neighbor about their experience at the Sustainable Street Tour on Garland Road in Newton. Stroll down the … Read More

Saturday, April 22. Newton Resource Recovery Center (115 Rumford Ave., Auburndale). Do you have unused latex paint in reusable condition? Bring your cans to be recycled into new paint. Appointments can be scheduled by calling Customer Service at (617) 796-1000, … Read More