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Enjoyable experiences, memberships, and subscriptions can all be thoughtful choices for gift giving, and better for the planet than buying new material goods. Some ideas: Membership to the Appalachian Mountain Club, Mass Audubon, or the Trustees which provide access to … Read More

1. Choose Scratch Over Store-Bought Most store-bought dishes from supermarkets and restaurants will be packaged in plastic containers. To avoid the unnecessary plastic, focus on cooking from scratch. Ingredients like vegetables, flour, butter, and nuts can be commonly found in … Read More

Saturday, November 18 from 10am-1pm. Newton Free Library (330 Homer St., Newton). Do you have a broken item in your home that you know you could fix with the right guidance? Fix-It Clinics empower folks to fix for themselves and … Read More

Saturday, November 4 from 1-4pm (Rain date: November 5). Newton City Hall War Memorial Circle (1000 Commonwealth Ave., Newton). What will you do with your pumpkin after Halloween? You could put it in with your yard waste, but how much more … Read More

Fall is the best time to start transitioning lawns to organic. The key to a healthy lawn is healthy soil and good mowing, watering, and fertilizing practices. Healthy soil contains high organic content and is teeming with biological life. Healthy … Read More

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Thursday, October 19 at 7pm. Online. Induction stoves, long popular in Europe and Asia, are more efficient than gas or standard electric stoves. Some chefs and home cooks the the U.S. are now also making the transition to induction cooking, … Read More

The popular cooking magazine Bon Appetite recently wrote about the dangers of microwaving foods in plastic containers, affirming once again the health risks associated with using plastic to store and heat food items. Entitled “Definitely Do Not Put Plastic in … Read More