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Electric vehicles (EVs) are necessary in our transition to a zero-carbon world, plus they’re fun to drive. Green Energy Consumers’ Drive Green program has researched and pre-negotiated great deals on EVs in Massachusetts and Rhode Island for you (in addition … Read More

Thursday, February 8 at 7pm. Online. Right now, it’s not easy to get a hold of any vehicle, including electric vehicles, because of supply chain constraints. However, manufacturers have announced an exciting line-up of new electric cars that will be … Read More

Wednesday, January 17 from 7:30-8:30pm. Online. Massachusetts has had a rebate for electric cars since 2014, called MOR-EV. This year, the rebate underwent some big changes, thanks to last year’s climate law. During this webinar, we’ll go over the rebate … Read More

The City of Newton Planning and Development Department recently presented plans for the Washington Street Pilot Project and multiple design options that prioritize improved safety, accessibility, visual appeal and the public experience. The City would like continued public feedback through … Read More

As more and more people switch from gas-powered cars to electric vehicles (EVs), we hear a lot of questions along the lines of “can the grid handle it?” Sometimes that question is about supply and emissions (i.e. will we have … Read More