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Saturday, January 21 from 2-3pm. Online. Insects are vital, fascinating, weird and wonderful. They are food, pollinators, recyclers, pest controllers, and much more, so we should be deeply concerned that they are in rapid decline. Dave Goulson will explain the … Read More

The majority of clothing on the planet is made from plastic-based materials like polyester, rayon, nylon, and acrylic. When washed, synthetic clothing sheds tiny plastic fragments known as microfibers. Microfibers are the most prevalent type of microplastic (plastic pieces less … Read More

Thursday, December 1 at 6pm. Beacon Gallery (524B Harrison Avenue, Boston). In conjunction with Nedret Andre’s contemporary art exhibition, The Air We Breathe, on view November 4-January 5, Beacon Gallery hosts a talk with the artist and activists in the field, … Read More

Monday, November 14 at 7pm. Online. Wondering what you could be doing to keep your trees healthy? When to call an arborist, and how they can help? What to do if you’re concerned that a tree is threatening your house? … Read More

Many of us want to avoid single use plastic items and excess packaging when we shop for groceries. We are concerned because scientists are finding micro plastics in animals and humans–even in breastmilk. By making careful choices when we buy … Read More