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It’s true–30% of our trash is food scraps and compostable paper (collectively referred to as organics, sometimes also called compost), that’s a lot. Organics could instead be collected separately so they can be made into compost, a nutrient-rich soil amendment … Read More

Thursday, March 14 from 7-8:30pm. Online. Our landscapes have a tremendous impact on bird diversity, and with so many native bird populations in steep decline, understanding their needs is more important than ever. With her urban garden as a case … Read More

Mass Recycle’s Gretchen Carey and Waneta Trabert answer the perennial question “Why can’t I recycle this?” Recycling is a commodity, and not only does it need to be collected and sorted, someone needs to want to buy it. To understand … Read More

Most people do not realize that all laundry detergent pods (and a newer format, dissolvable sheets), are made from a petroleum-based plastic called Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA or PVOH). While this film dissolves, it does not disappear or readily biodegrade. Research … Read More

The City of Newton has partnered with Black Earth Compost to offer weekly household curbside food waste collection service that will turn those vegetable peels, bones, shells and other scraps back into dirt that can grow more food instead of … Read More

Plant-based food blogger Marla Felcher has created  The 14-Day Greener Plate Challenge, a free, low-lift, online campaign to help us along a sustainable eating journey.  From February 9-23, the campaign will educate participants in a fun, engaging way, about the … Read More