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One of the most imperative tasks ahead of us is weaning ourselves off of fossil fuels. Energy efficient retrofits, removing natural gas from home heating and cooking, and finding ways to get around beyond gas-powered vehicles are top priorities. These … Read More

Saturday, January 21 from 2-3pm. Online. Insects are vital, fascinating, weird and wonderful. They are food, pollinators, recyclers, pest controllers, and much more, so we should be deeply concerned that they are in rapid decline. Dave Goulson will explain the … Read More

Monday, November 14 at 7pm. Online. Wondering what you could be doing to keep your trees healthy? When to call an arborist, and how they can help? What to do if you’re concerned that a tree is threatening your house? … Read More

Thursday, November 10 from 7–8pm. Online. Join the Newton Community Farm for this free virtual presentation. Bonnie will share the story of 15 common vegetables and a fruit, including where they originated, how they spread around the world, and how … Read More

We’re excited to have both Needham Garden Center and Automated Outdoor Solutions of New England (AOS) joining us at this year’s GreenEXPO/Harvest Fair in the Newton Center parking lot on Sunday, October 16 from 11-4 to showcase electric lawn equipment … Read More