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With the excitement of school ending also comes a LOT of wasted school supplies. I’m here to encourage you to reduce your fall back-to-school shopping list by REUSING items! I get it, some materials are unsalvageable. But… for the ones … Read More

The Native Plant Trust is the nation’s first plant conservation organization and the only one solely focused on New England’s native plants. They maintain a database of native plants that is searchable by different criteria. Search for plants by name … Read More

Black plastic take out containers are not recyclable because scanners at recycling facilities cannot detect dark colors. “Wishcycling” them into the green recycling bin means they will get improperly sorted and end up mixed with other recyclable materials, where workers … Read More

From leaf blowers to lawnmowers, reduce your home’s carbon footprint by swapping out your gas-powered lawn equipment with battery-powered equipment and get a $30-75 rebate. Battery-powered lawn equipment is lighter, easier to maneuver and requires less maintenance. Plus, making the … Read More

Our food choices have a direct effect on the health of our environment and those who grow and harvest what we eat.  That’s why food labeled “organic” is the right choice. In addition to serious health questions linked to actual … Read More

Bad news – you cannot recycle beer toppers, the plastic holders that hold cans of beer together, in the green curbside recycling carts. Because they are flat, they slip through the sorting machines at the recycling facility and contaminate other … Read More