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Bad news – you cannot recycle beer toppers, the plastic holders that hold cans of beer together, in the green curbside recycling carts. Good news – you can now return your beer toppers for reuse and recycling to a local … Read More

According to the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection, about 30% of the waste that we throw into the household trash is food scraps. By separating those scraps out and composting them, our trash that goes to the incinerator is reduced … Read More

PFAS are a family of approximately 9,000 human-made chemicals that are effective at repelling grease, water, and stains, as well as combating certain types of fires. PFAS are in cookware, food packaging, stain resistant carpets and clothing, some cosmetics, outdoor … Read More

2022 is upon us and we are experiencing more signs of climate change than ever. Make this year your year for taking bold steps to address climate change. Here are 5 actions with the biggest impact that you can take to fight … Read More

Rather than contribute to the 4 million tons of waste generated during the holidays from store bought wrapping paper, consider upcycling alternatives like fabric, shoe boxes, paper bags, maps or calendar pages that you already have on hand. It’s a chance … Read More