No Mow May is a movement that encourages people to leave the weeds on their lawn during the month of May to help bees and other pollinators that lack abundant food sources this time of year. By refraining from mowing, you provide a habitat for wildlife, reduce your carbon footprint, save time and money, and connect with nature. Join the movement this May and let your lawn grow wild! If you’d like a yard sign to tell your neighbors you’re participating in No Mow May and why, contact Marcia Cooper.

Not ready to ditch the lawnmower completely? There are plenty of other ways to benefit native bees and other pollinators:

  • Try letting a little more time pass between mows this month than usual.
  • Plant native plants in your yard, especially ones that bloom in early spring.
  • Reduce your lawn size is possible.
  • Reduce or eliminate your use of herbicides and pesticides.

To learn more about why pollinators are important and how we can support them, view videos of the Green Newton webinars with Boston University Professor of Plant Ecology Richard Primack, “The Importance of Bees: Native Bees and Honey Bees and “Are Pollinators Being Supported in Newton?

Thank you to Newton resident Sidney for this drawing capturing the beauty of pollinators and pollinator friendly gardens.