Our environment is at risk because of precipitous declines in habitat, native plants and the insects, birds, and other animals that depend on those plants. The pollinators that are an essential part of making the whole system work are in serious decline, too.

The new Pollinator Toolkit by the Newton Conservators contains information about the problem and some easy steps you can take to help alleviate it—while creating a fascinating and vibrant garden at the same time.

When you access the Toolkit, you will find charts of pollinator plants for mostly sunny, part sun/part shade, and mostly shady gardens. There are lists for perennials, shrubs, trees, and vines. When you click on the name of each plant, a photo appears.

In addition, the Toolkit lists sources for buying native plants in our area, tips for starting your garden, and information for making your environment support pollinators all year long. There also are lists of helpful books and websites. Find the Pollinator Toolkit HERE.