Over 100 Billion pieces of unsolicited mail are sent to U.S. mailboxes each year. Most of these 100 billion pieces of paper are thrown away, contributing to the country’s waste level. Reduce paper waste by following these tips to prevent junk mail from making its was to your home:

  • When making a donation or a purchase, include a note instructing the organization or company not to lend, sell, or trade your name.
  • Do not fill out contest entries – they are often used to develop mailing lists.
  • Don not fill out unnecessary product warranty cards – these are often used to collect information for the purpose of targeting direct mail. Returning these cards are not required in most situations in order for the warranty to be active.

The Paperkarma app on your cell phone can reduce junk mail. The system is simple; just take a photo of the label on your junk mail, indicate the name that is addressed and then submit the photo to Paperkarma. Their system has a database of thousands of junk mail houses and will contact the firms to unsubscribe you from their lists. It’s that easy. Paperkarma is a free app available for Apple, Android and Windows phones.

Consumers can also register at the Direct Marketing Association’s (DMA) consumer website for a processing fee of $2 for a period of ten years. Registering online is the fastest way to see results. DMAchoice offers consumers a simple, step-by-step process that enables them to decide what mail they do and do not want.