City Compost–a home composting service– reports that 131 new households have joined their service in the month of December.  That will amount to over 1300 lbs. each week of food scraps for making new soil. It would be great to have more of us add to the pile to be more sustainable, lower our carbon footprints, and support more local fresh food.  100% of material collected by City Compost is processed independently to produce top quality compost that all goes towards growing more fresh food, plus subscribers have the option to receive up to 100% of the finished compost without the drawbacks of composting at home like rats, smells, sifting and the space.  City Compost can also provide consulting, education, and customized solutions for organizations.

City Compost has a special going on right now with a goal to get the amount of food scraps to 2000 new pounds a week for December. If you sign up by Friday and write “GREENNEWTON” in the “how did you hear about us” space, you will receive 10% off the start-up costs and City Compost will also donate 10% to Green Newton to support our initiatives!!!

Check out to get started or contact them directly at 978-378-3048 or with any questions.