Black Earth Compost is the City of Newton sponsored curbside composting service provider, but it also offers products for your yard and garden. Check out their website for these items and services that can be delivered to you:

  • compost and soil blends by the cubic yard, including leaf mulch*
  • 10 or more bags of compost
  • raised beds installed in your backyard
  • raised bed kits for you to assemble
  • raised bed automatic irrigation kits
  • 21 plant vegetable starter packs


Don’t You Want One of Their Cute Green Carts?

Recognizable around town by their cute little green carts on the curb, Black Earth Compost offers weekly curbside pickup service of all your organics waste including meat, grease, cheese, and bones as well as vegetables. (See the full list.) This is a great way to begin composting with very little mess and none of the fuss.

In Newton, the service costs $59.99 for six months plus a one-time start-up fee of $34. The fee pays for a 13-gallon lockable cart and two packs of compostable bag liners to collect food waste for weekly pick-up on the curb. That’s only about $2.50 per week. Sharing a cart with a neighbor would cut your pick-up fees in half. The company also offers compostable cart liners to make composting even more convenient. You will receive a voucher for a free bag of finished compost in the spring, which you can use on your plants.

*Curbside composting subscribers get $5/yard discount using coupon code Res2021.