The temperature outside is expected to rise above 90 degrees again this week, creating high demand on the electric grid and requiring the use of dirty peaker plants to meet demand. Let’s do what we can to reduce that need by “shaving the peak.”.

Conserve electricity from 4-8pm:

  • Turn the air conditioner up a few degrees, or off if you can manage. Pro tip: “Pre-cool” before peak time with the air conditioner, then use fans during peak time. (They use far less electricity.)
  • If you have a heat pump, don’t turn it off–just adjust the temperature by a few degrees.
  • Avoid running the dishwasher, washer, or dryer.
  • Unplug electric vehicles or set their charging timers to start after 8pm.

What else can you do? Download ISO-To-Go!

You can experience peak in real time, and see the effect of solar, if you download our grid operator’s cool ISO-To-Go app.