A coalition of climate organizations, including Green Newton, 350Mass, Newton, Mothers Out Front Newton, Newton EV Task Force, FUUSN Climate Action Task Force and Bike Newton, asked our city council candidates their views on the climate crisis and how they would work to address it. 22 of the 32 candidates responded.

We asked the candidates to answer 12 questions on the climate crisis in general, buildings, clean heat/clean air, transit oriented development, electric cars, and waste reduction. We are posting 7 of the questions and responses where candidates distinguished their positions most clearly. (You can also access the full set of questions and responses.)

Please share the information widely with friends and neighbors and make this a part of your conversations. This is about candidate positions, but also an opportunity to educate our community on what we must do to address the climate crisis here in Newton. Our council members will listen and they will need our support when they seek to act boldly in the next session of the City Council.