Want to Recycle? There’s and App For That!


The app–called Recycle Right Newton–will answer your questions! Newton’s Department of Public Work Works is rolling out a new app that will help residents with questions they may have about waste collection and recycling:

  • Is there a delay in collection due to the holiday?
  • When does yard waste collection begin/end?
  • What is the right way to get rid of this?

Use the Recycle Right Newton app to:

  •  Set up a collection day reminder
  •  Find out how to recycle right
  •  Play the sorting game

It’s quick, easy, fun, and will save you time. Go to the Apple Store or Google Play and search for ‘Recycle Right Newton’ to download this FREE app for your phone. You can also access the Web version at www.newtonma.gov/recycling.

In addition, to get a weekly reminder about your waste and recycling pickup day:

1. Visit www.newtonma.gov/recycling
2. Enter your home address
3. Click the “Get a reminder!” button
4. Choose your reminder method (email, phone call, text message, online calendar)
5. Choose the best time for your reminder