Tip of the Week: Eliminate Standing Water in Your Yard

The first West-Nile-Virus carrying mosquitos of the year were recently found in New York City. It won’t be long until they’re found here, too .

As reported in the Newton Conservators newsletter last summer (http://bit.ly/2alZwSW), the West Nile Virus not only harms humans but also kills birds. Corvids (blue jays and crows) are especially affected, but all birds are susceptible.

The best way to protect your yard is to eliminate every drop of standing water. Mosquito eggs can hatch in even the small amount of water in a plant saucer.

Although checking your yard for hidden water and eliminating brush or grass piles are the best ways to deter mosquitos, you might have fun experimenting with mosquito-repelling plants, too!

Check out this link to “Ten Powerful plants that repel mosquitoes”