textile recycling

On Saturday, August 13  from 9am-12pm, the Rotary Club of Newton will collect used clothing/textiles and gently used housewares. Donated items will be sorted for reuse or recycling. Please bring your donations to the Scandinavian Living Center (206 Waltham Street, West Newton).

This month the Rotary will also be collecting lithium-ion batteries for recycling. Common items with lithium-ion batteries are:

  • cell phones
  • laptops
  • tablets
  • electric toothbrushes
  • wireless headphones
  • power tool batteries

So far this year, the Rotary Club has collected over 8,300 pounds of clothing and other household textiles, keeping these items out of the local landfill. The Rotary Club will hold textile drives on a monthly basis until September and all money raised will go toward the Rotary’s scholarship fund.

Visit the Newton Rotary Club website for information on items that they will accept.