There are eight new public electric vehicle (EV) charging stations in the Newton Free Library parking lot. Drivers can access these chargers through ChargePoint and pay only 20 cents per kWh. Each charging station includes two ports, which means they can each charge two cars simultaneously.

Locations of other public chargers:

  • City Hall/War Memorial (5)
  • 52 Elliot Street-Public Buildings Dept. (1)
  • 90 Crafts Street-DPW (1)
  • Richardson Street Parking Lot (1)
  • Lexington Street Parking Lot (1)
  • Adams Street Parking Lot (1)
  • Pearl Street Parking Lot (1)
  • North HS under Lowell Ave. Solar Canopy (2)
  • North HS under the Walnut Street Solar Canopy (2)

See all the EV chargers available in Newton through the Plug Share website.

The City received a grant for $28,000 from the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection to help pay for the eight charging stations at North High School and the Newton Free Library. Email with any questions.