Green Newton supports vibrant village centers that reduce greenhouse gas emissions by providing nearby shopping and restaurants; facilitating mass transit, walking and bicycling; and offering a variety of housing options, including smaller, energy efficient homes and affordable housing.

Whether you agree with our vision or not, we encourage you to make your voice heard. The City of Newton would like to receive citizen input for evaluating the zoning of our village centers.


Go to the Interactive Forum on Newton Village Centers. You will be asked to review  statements posted by other participants and mark agree, disagree or pass on each one. You also have the option to share your own perspective. (Please do!). This should take no longer than 30-40 minutes of your time.


If you have more time you walk, bike or drive to your favorite village center location. Once you get to that location, use your smartphone to complete the following activity:

  1. Go to the City of Newton’s Vision Kit for Mobile.
  2. Scroll down below Instructions (and Steps 1-5) until you see a black circle that says “Click Here” (to the right it says “to submit your photo & idea”).
  3. It will now say ‘Vision Kit’ – Newton Village Centers. Scroll down to item #1.
  4. Item #1 – choose the theme you are responding to from a pre-set menu (e.g., housing, shopping, eating & working, etc.).
  5. Item #2 – choose the village where you are currently located.
  6. Item #3 – it the green Choose File button and choose the option to “Take a Photo or Video.” Take a photo or video and once you are satisfied with it, click the “Use Photo” option.
  7. Item #4 – once the photo is downloaded you have the opportunity to comment on the image.
  8. Item #5 – provide your name or group affiliation.
  9. Lastly, click on the green “Done” button. You can do this multiple times if there are additional themes in that village center that you’d like to comment on, or if there are other village center locations you would like to highlight.

We hope you will participate in the forum and vision kit. Your input is important!