Tip of the Week: Guide for Safe Baby Products

Finding baby products that are toxic-free can be a challenge, since we’re in the dark about the chemical makeup of many children’s products. The lack of disclosure by manufacturers can make it impossible to identify safe products.

Check out the Safe Baby Products Guide.

You can use the guide in 3 main ways:

  1. To find information about a particular product, when you just need one thing.
  2. To get a general understanding of what to think about when you buy products, set up your own registry, or are helping someone with theirs. You can download our recommendations on each page to keep them for later.
  3. To build an online registry using the tools created by BabyList.

Use the Safe Baby Products Guide as an effective tool to identify safer choices while shopping, and spread the word to friends and family! We all deserve safer products made safely, but until that happens, tools like this are a huge help.

Information provided by Clean Water Action.