It’s going to be an extra hot week! With or without an air conditioner, try these tips by the Boston Globe to keep extra cool.

  1. Freeze your sheets.
  2. Run a fan over a frozen bottle of water.
  3. Keep lotions and skin creams in the refrigerator.
  4. Close windows near a window fan, open windows far away.
  5. Use ceiling fans.
  6. Close windows during the day, open at night.
  7. Unplug electronics devices.
  8. Keep the sun out with shades and curtains.
  9. Use foil covered cardboard to reflect heat out.
  10. Install awnings.
  11. Keep your air conditioner setting at 78 degrees.
  12. Maintain your air conditioner.

(Heat hacks: 12 tips and tricks to keep your house cool, Emily Sweeney, August 12, 2021)