The popular cooking magazine Bon Appetite recently wrote about the dangers of microwaving foods in plastic containers, affirming once again the health risks associated with using plastic to store and heat food items. Entitled “Definitely Do Not Put Plastic in the Microwave,” the article describes research done on how chemicals in plastic reacts with food. In as little as 10 days, microscopic bits of plastic had leached out into the food through simple storage. However, when the food and plastic were heated in a microwave, the process was dramatically accelerated.

Are microplastics harmful to us?
It isn’t certain what the ultimate effect of ingesting microplastics will have on human and animals. However, research has already shown that chemicals that leach out of plastics such as Bisphenol-A, phlalates, and PFAS are linked to various developmental and health issues.

Microwave-safe isn’t safe
Plastic containers labeled ‘microwave-safe’ are indicating that the container will not be damaged when heated in the microwave. It is not indicating that the material has been tested safe for the health effects of consuming food heated in those containers.