The following is an excerpt from Mayor Fuller’s recent email newsletter.

An important next step in our efforts to address climate change is shifting to the use of electricity for heating, cooling, and hot water.


In Newton, more than 60% of our greenhouse gas emissions come from our homes, apartments, and commercial buildings. So, the way we heat and cool these buildings, heat our water, and keep the lights on matters as we work to “Use Less and Green the Rest.”
Thankfully, by using cleaner and greener electricity generated increasingly with renewable sources (solar and wind), we can reduce greenhouse gases emissions caused by fossil fuels, the major cause of climate change.

Working with builders, architects, and other experts among our residents and City Councilors, we brought forward a draft ordinance and accompanying Home Rule petition to allow Newton to move forward with electrification as the towns of Brookline, Arlington, Lexington, Acton and Concord have already done by seeking Home Rule authority from the Legislature.

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The City Council’s Public Facilities Committee will discuss the latest draft of the electrification Home Rule Petition at its meeting on Wednesday, February 9.

If passed by the State Legislature, the Home Rule Petition will allow Newton to move forward with an ordinance that would require all residential and small commercial development (less than 20,000 square feet) and major renovations to use electricity for heating, cooling, and hot water.

Check the Electronic Posting Board for zoom information to attend the meeting on February 9.