Newton resident with her Nissan Leaf Electric Vehicle

You might already know that driving on electricity costs the equivalent of $2.25 per gallon of gasoline. But did you know that driving an electric vehicle (EV) also will save you time and money on maintenance? Join the Green Energy Consumers Alliance (GECA) on Wednesday, September 14 at 12pm to find out how. The webinar5 Ways You’ll Save on Maintenance with an EV’ will examine the cost saving benefits, including:

  • Goodbye oil changes. No internal combustion engine means no need for regular oil changes.
  • No transmission, no problem. Grinding or noisy transmissions are one of the most common and most expensive car issues to repair. EVs don’t have a transmission, so you’ll worry less about seeing a red “check engine” light.
  • Long battery life. Data shows that EV batteries are built to last longer than the car itself. You’ll probably never have to worry about replacing the car battery, and if you do, it’ll be under warranty.

In addition, the federal Inflation Reduction Act has made some changes to the EV tax credit, bringing the upfront costs of owning an EV down.


This is the first of many events leading up through National Drive Electric Week. Check the GECA website for more events.