In the next 18 months, Green Newton is participating in an organizing effort to advocate for local Newton decisions that impact Climate Change and Climate Justice issues.  This organizing is ward-based; asking supporters to build relationships with city councilors and at-large elected councilors from their wards, so that they will be responsive on a timely basis to specific issues at key decision points.

The decisions focus on Newton’s local issues, including the installation of solar panels on city buildings and parking lots, as well as the long term impact of zoning reform. Other decisions include support for Green Newton’s recommendations for Green Building Principles in proposed private developments and the details in the City’s Climate Action Plan.

Most Newton residents understand the urgency of fighting climate change and would like to see a rapid reduction in greenhouse gases to preserve our environment for future generations.  However, many current local proposals run into vocal opposition in the name of preservation of the neighborhood status quo. We hope to counter such opposition with broad support from the wider community and join together to promote climate justice.

In the coming months, Green Newton supporters may receive invitations from Green Newton leaders to contact their ward councilors regarding specific decisions; we hope you will do your part.  Please contact Peter Barrer at if you would like to take personal initiative in this effort.