Action Alert: Call Today to Protect Our Rivers!

Your action is needed – call today and tell the Massachusetts Joint Committee on Environment that they should oppose H. 2777. 

In Massachusetts the federal EPA has the final word when it comes to regulating water pollution. Governor Baker’s proposed bill H. 2777 would transfer this power to the already overworked and underfunded Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection.

The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection’s budget has been slashed for a decade. It does not have adequate funding to perform its current duties, much less take on a cumbersome new program that would cost Massachusetts taxpayers an estimated $5-$10M a year.

By February 7, the Joint Committee on Environment will decide whether to report this bill out to the Legislature for a vote or send it for further study. The Environmental League of Massachusetts asks us to call today and tell Committee members that they should oppose H. 2777. 

See who the Committee members are and their phone numbers.
Here’s a sample script you can use on your call.