Spring Warblers in Newton

Enjoy Nature…. with webinars from Newton Conservators We will view the field marks (using photographs) and will listen to the vocalizations, both calls, and songs, of 25 species of warblers that are in Cold Spring Park each May. The audiotapes … Read More

Visit Lexington’s ‘Earth Day in May’

See what your neighbors in Lexington are doing to combat climate change and foster biodiversity at Lexington’s first ever “Earth Day in May,” Saturday, May 14 from 10am-5pm. All over town, Lexington residents and organizations will be offering tours of their solar … Read More

Seedling Sale at the Newton Community Farm

The Newton Community Farm will hold its annual Seedling Sale on Saturday, May 14 through Sunday, May 15 from 12-5pm.  In addition to nearly 100 varieties of plants, there will also be soil and soil amendments, and NCF t-shirts for sale. … Read More

Health Risks of Gas Cooking

Gas stoves can make the air in your kitchen more polluted than recommended outdoor clean air quality standards. Burning gas releases nitrogen dioxide, small particulate matter, and carbon monoxide–all components of air pollution. Cooking on a gas stove increases kids’ … Read More