‘Climate & Health Workshop: Food Justice’

Thursday, September 28, 6:00-7:30pm. Urban Farming Institute (487 Norfolk St, Mattapan). Join the Fairmount Indigo CDC Collaborative for the interactive educational workshop on how food justice impacts our daily lives and health, and what climate change has to do with … Read More

‘Why the Watertown Dam Should be Removed’

Thursday, September 28 at 7pm. Online. Did you know, each spring, thousands of migratory fish return to the Charles River to spawn in the lakes, ponds, and tributaries? Across Massachusetts, there is a growing movement to remove aging, defunct mill dams … Read More

‘Creating Sustainable Systems: Soil, Carbon, and Food’

Thursday, September 28 from 7:30-9pm. Online. The panel will highlight some of the technical/economic/political/practical challenges and opportunities that we need to honestly face in order to make nature-based climate-improving strategies actually work at scale. Our hope is to raise the level … Read More