‘Weather Report: Biden and Climate Change’

On Wednesday, April 20 at 6pm, join environmental activist Dan Ruben for “Weather Report: Biden and Climate Change,” as he offers his insight into the Biden Administration’s Build Back Better Framework and its impact on climate change. The presentation will take … Read More

‘Building Biodiversity’ Series

Join The Studio for High Performance Design and Construction (SHPDC) for the first in a 4-part series led by Elise Bernstein on yard care techniques that foster a haven for the many animals, insects, and plants that help maintain a … Read More

Jumping Worms in Field and Forest

Enjoy Nature with webinars from Newton Conservators Nearly all earthworms in New England were introduced from Europe and Asia. While some species of earthworms benefit some species of plants, invasive earthworms have caused major shifts in North American plant communities. … Read More