To celebrate Earth Month in April, Green Newton invited artists to show 2D artwork at Newton City Hall to highlight the City of Newton’s 4 Our Future climate actions to increase energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Artists were asked to focus on 4 impactful ways to be energy efficient and use renewable energy:

  • Insulate
  • Upgrade Heating & Cooling to Heat Pumps
  • Electrify Your Ride
  • Go Solar

Other recommended actions also represented in the artists’ work: Drive less – walk or bike more; eat a plant-based diet; and compost and dry clothes on a laundry line.

Participating artists: Myra Abelson, Arlene Bandes, Marcia Cooper, Marian Dioguardi, Bev Droz, Deb Hiatt, Madeline Lee, Jane Levin, Gene Mackles, Ken Mallory, Carole Robinson, Lisa Sazer, Carol Schein, Joanne Taub and Bruce Wilson.


Painting “Green Newton Youth Leaders” by Marcia Cooper