Meadowscaping For Biodiversity (MS4B) is a project-based, environmental education and youth employment program that exposes youth to the benefits of being outdoors in nature and empowers them to be stewards of the Earth.

Youth learn “intentional gardening”—gardening with pollinator-friendly, perennial native plants—with the intention of restoring biodiversity and building healthy, resilient communities while earning a fair wage.

MS4B is scheduling projects designing and planting native plant gardens! With over ten years experience, they’ve brightened the yards of many private residences, schools, houses of worship, parks, businesses, and other locations. Contact Barbara Passero, MS4B,, 781-209-0052, cell: 781-240-9228 to learn more or to get a quote.

You’ll feel good because you’re helping high school and college students to be outside learning about nature, and you’re helping the Earth to survive.