We all have items in our home that are still perfectly good, but are no longer needed or wanted. Most of us would prefer to find new homes for our things instead of throwing them away, but it can be time consuming trying to figure out where to donate (or sell) them. Here are some tips that might help:

Toys and Baby Gear: The amount of toys babies and children accumulate can really add up, and they go through them quickly. It can be difficult to find places that will take used toys, but as long as they are in good condition or like new, they can be donated at the following places:

  • Savers in West Roxbury
  • Storytime Crafts in Needham collects books and toys to distribute to nonprofits and schools (list of accepted items)

Another great option is to donate them to another family by joining your local Buy Nothing group on Facebook. If you have a big ticket item that you’d like to sell instead of donate, like a stroller or infant swing, they can be sold on Facebook marketplace or in local Facebook parent groups (use your best judgment when making sales and meeting people in person, of course).

Clothing: Styles change, clothes no longer fit, or maybe a stain has ruined your favorite shirt. For clothing in good condition or like new, here are a few places they can be brought:

  • Cradles to Crayons (baby and children’s clothes)
  • The Barn (children’s shoes)
  • Consignment stores like Revolve, Finer Consigner, and Plato’s Closet (for teens and young adults) will take higher quality items, or try selling them on Poshmark if you have time and patience.

Clothing and textiles in any condition (ripped, stained, etc. as long as it’s clean and dry) can be donated at one of the many blue HELPSY bins located at most Newton schools, and at the Resource Recovery Center (115 Rumford Ave). You can also schedule a curbside pickupschedule a curbside pickup through the Helpsy website. A reminder that as of November 2022, clothing and other textiles are no longer allowed in the regular trash.

Household Items: Household items in good condition can be donated at the following places:

  • Newton Swap Shop at the Resource Recovery Center from April through October (list of accepted items)
  • Welcome Home if items are in excellent condition (list of accepted items)
  • More Than Words at the Resource Recovery Center and Trader Joe’s (books, CDs, and DVDs)
  • Paint Shed at the Resource Recovery Center from May through October (usable, latex paint less than 10 years old, more than half full, and never been frozen)
  • Six String Kids (musical instruments)