A family from Switzerland – the Schwoerers – has been traveling around the world, exploring the immediate and visible effects of climate change…first in the Swiss mountains where Mr. Schwoerer (Dario) is from and then heading east from there.  The web site for Top2Top: Global Climate Expedition  tells more about the project.  The parents, Dario and Sabine are traveling with their 5 kids aged 11 years to 10 months going around the world climbing the highest peaks on each continent and sailing around the world observing and speaking on climate change, ocean health and sustainability. They are expected to arrive in Boston in mid-November or sooner and they are looking for families to host them. Their itinerary is still being planned, but among many other things, they will be doing a kid-to-kid event at the Children’s Museum, and a variety of other programs.  If you would like to know more about them, some information is here at their website https://toptotop.org/ and a video here: https://toptotop.org/our-story/   If interested please contact Sonia at sonia.hamel@gmail.com.