Whole Foods was once a leader in environmental sustainability.  It was the first grocery nationwide to stop using plastic checkout bags in 2008. Since being acquired by Amazon, Whole Foods’ commitment to the environment has diminished.  Whole Foods received an F grade on the 2021 Corporate Plastic Pollution Scorecard, based on six issues:  

  1. minimizing plastics in packaging design; 
  2. reusable packaging; 
  3. recycled content; 
  4. public data transparency on plastic use; 
  5. funding recycling infrastructure; 
  6. acknowledging extended producer responsibility.    

Out of 50 large corporations, Whole Foods ranked below 36 of them, including Walmart (C+), Target (C+), and Starbucks (C).  

The damage plastic waste causes to our environment and our health is well known.  Plastic food wrappers are the most common trash item found on our beaches, and exposure to common chemicals in plastics during childhood has been linked to obesity.

MASSPIRG is calling on Whole Foods to return to its leadership position.  Learn more about their campaign and sign on to their petition calling on Whole Foods to commit to concrete steps to eliminate single-use plastic packing from their stores.

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