On February 9, Alan Gordon of the Newton Sustainable Materials Management Commission presented the next iteration of Newton’s sustainable packaging ordinance aims to expand this list to include more single use items by 1) replacing items that cannot be recycled with sustainable equivalents and 2) reducing plastic waste through promoting reuse.  Among the items under consideration are:

  • black plastic containers
  • single use water bottles
  • cutlery and condiments “on demand”

Then, Margie Bell of Recirclable, an Arlington, MA-based company that provides a reusable container takeout system to restaurants for customer take-out, talked about shifting to a reusable system and how it is going at participating restaurants in Newton.

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The proposed ordinance will be taken up by City Council this month. Here’s how you can help:

  1. Send emails to City Councilors and the Mayor in support of the ordinance
  2. Tell restaurants that you want recyclable, compostable, and reusable take out containers and complement them when they do the right thing
  3. Support businesses that do the right thing like Grape Leaf Mediterranean Grille and Judith’s Kitchen, and try out the Recirclable system
  4. Subscribe to an organics pick up service like the City sponsored Black Earth Compost.
  5. Carry your refillable water bottles everywhere!