The future is electric! So many manufacturers have committed to introducing new electric cars to their inventory. Get a sneak peak at the exciting line-up of 20 new electric cars that will be coming soon in this webinar by the Green Energy Consumers Alliance.

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VW ID Buzz_Cars Coming Soon_ 2022  Nissan Ariya_Cars Coming Soon_ 2022 (1)  Polestar_Cars Coming Soon_ 2022Nissan Ariya_Cars Coming Soon_ 2022 (2)  Ford Lightning_Cars Coming Soon_ 2022  KiaEV6_Cars Coming Soon_ 2022-1

Have you thought about making your next car electric?

If you have, you may be waiting on a car due to the microchip shortage. That’s no fun, especially because there are so many cool new models on the market, like the Volkswagen ID.4 and Toyota RAV4 Prime.

But we’ve got a plan. It starts with our waitlist for these cool new cars. With a little pressure, we can get more of these cars to New England, sooner. Adding your name will help us show dealerships that there’s a demand.

Over 100 people are on the waitlist already. Let’s make it 500! Add your name, and you’ll receive status updates about the car(s) you’re interested in.