Over the past six months, a group in the Newton Corner and Nonantum neighborhoods has been working toward creating a community garden at Spears Park, an open green space on the corner of Washington Street and Walnut Park. Along with the City of Newton’s Parks, Recreation and Culture Department and landscape designers, they are creating an attractive garden site that will preserve public space while offering approximately 45 raised garden beds and a small outdoor meeting area.

Why create a community garden in this area?

Although there are many homes with gardens in the Newton Corner-Nonantum area, there are many people who do not have suitable space for gardens. The Spears Park garden will offer residents in Newton’s most densely populated area the opportunity to grow their own vegetables and flowers, meet neighbors, reduce food insecurity, and contribute to the vitality of their community.

To find out more about the project, please complete this very short questionnaire to indicate your interest. You may also reach out to Councilor Maria S. Greenberg at mariasgreenberg@gmail.com to find out more about the project.