Join students from around the world in celebrating International Walk-Ride-Roll Day on Wednesday, October 4 by ditching the car and walking or biking to school (and work). Newton Safe Routes to School and Massachusetts Safe Routes to School are great resources to help you and your student find safe, fun, and healthy ways to get to and from school!

Make Everyday an International Walk-Ride-Roll Day

For those who live close enough to walk or bike to school, take some time before school starts to find and practice the route. Look for crosswalks, stoplights, and quieter streets.

  • Join with neighbors and others on your route to set up a Walking School Bus.
  • Find your PTO website and join your PTO Directory to connect with others you could walk or bike with.
  • Park & Walk maps identify crossing guard locations, “blue zone” vehicle drop-off areas, and suggested areas to park and walk over to the school. If you live too far to walk the whole way, consider parking further from the school and walking the last 15 minutes.
  • Look for an email from your principal with detailed information on arrival and dismissal procedures. Additional doors may be open to enable physical distancing on the way into school.
  • Need help finding a route? Email for help.

Walking and biking can boost students’ health, physical activity, and even their concentration in school. Many students will benefit from a chance to move their bodies before entering into a school environment that is more physically structured than before.