As you may know, the Massachusetts legislature is currently debating a solar bill and in the next few weeks, they will begin debating a wider “energy omnibus” bill, including offshore wind, electric vehicles, energy efficiency. We know from a 150-2 House vote for a terrible solar bill that they are not hearing from constituents that these issues matter.

Can you volunteer on March 1?
The MA Sierra Club is organizing volunteers to reach out to voters at the polls by greeting them as they go to vote or as they leave, asking voters to do 2 things:

1) sign a postcard to their State Rep asking them to support clean energy.

2) make a call to their State Rep asking them to vote for a strong solar bill.

If you are willing to spend any time at the polls on Tuesday, March 1 talking to voters about Clean Energy,
the MA Sierra Club will set you up with the postcards, a script, and Sierra Club stickers so you are easily identifiable. They will also try to find two people for each area as it’s more fun to do this with a buddy.

You can go to your own polling area OR if you’re willing to go to a neighboring district, they will assign you a polling area in a high priority legislator district.

To volunteer please contact