The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) has released a report that will shape offshore wind development for decades to come, starting with Vineyard Wind, and your voice is needed. Take a minute to register to speak at an upcoming virtual public meeting or comment online today!




Key points:

  • The BOEM report covers two topics: the Vineyard Wind 1 project and a cumulative impact analysis of building 22,000 megawatts of offshore wind energy from North Carolina to Maine in the next 10 years. View the report.
  • What changed since last year? Vineyard Wind 1 will feature large 1+ mile spacing between turbines, the largest space between turbines of any wind development currently operating on the globe, to allow for safe navigation and fishing within the wind farm. Read the report.
  • BOEM is considering additional 2 to 4-mile wide transit lanes within wind farms – these reduce renewable energy potential and are unnecessary. Read the recent US Coast Guard study.
  • Vineyard Wind 1 has been reviewed extensively by federal, state, and local regulators and experts. View fact sheets, download the BOEM report, and watch short videos about BOEM’s environmental impact report.
  • Thousands of jobs will be supported by offshore wind including a diverse local supply chain. Read about how US manufacturers are preparing, Texas is readying for a new energy boom, and international offshore wind companies are coming to the US.


Questions? Need more resources? Contact our team at, learn more about Vineyard Wind, or visit BOEM’s virtual meeting room where you can download factsheets and watch pre-recorded video presentations about various topics.