Now you can take a walk in a park and enjoy a book while strolling. Earlier this year a group of residents and City Councilors formed The Newton Community Pollinator Group to recommend policies and programs to support pollinators. Work includes encouraging the planting of more native and pollinator friendly plants to developing policies that will help ensure a healthier pollinator population into the future to educating the public on the wonders of pollinators.

One goal was a project to engage children and parents in learning more about pollinators. And Story Walks® are a way to mount storybooks so that children can read them as they are walking along a path or through a park. They have been popular in parks all over the country. In Newton the Pollinator Group has now initially installed five Story Walks® at four locations around the city:

  • City Hall
  • Cold Spring Park
  • Waban Hill Reservoir/Heartbreak Hill Park
  • Wellington Park, Kilburn Road, West Newton

Additional locations may be planned. In addition, our Newton walks have been designed to be able to rotate around to different locations.

The books chosen are all appropriate for children. They have beautiful illustrations and either provide great detailed information in an age-appropriate way or tell a good story. The books can be seen on this public list.

Go to the Newton Conservators website for more details.