The August 11 Charles River Regional Chamber webinar ‘Dispelling Myths about Net Zero & Passive House Buildings’ is now available on video. Though targeted for those in the development, building and real estate sectors, the content is of interest to anyone looking to understand opportunities and obstacles towards making single and multi-family homes more energy efficient.

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The speakers presented evidence about recently-built developments, discussing the lessons learned by teams that build Passive House and net zero buildings. They also describes the significant financial incentives both for building Passive House buildings, and for attending training sessions about high-performance, all-electric single-family homes. View presentation slides.

The Chamber’s President and CEO, Greg Reibman hosted the event. The speakers, Bev Craig (Senior Program Manager at the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center) and Jonathan Kantar (principal at  Sage Builders LLC), serve on Green Newton’s Building Standards Committee. They were joined by Kent Gonzales, Vice President Development, Northland.