Consider letting your leaves stay in your garden beds this winter. You can leave them whole or use a shredder or a mulching lawn mower to break the leaves down into small pieces before spreading them. There, they will decay and feed plants and enrich the soil over the winter months.

Have more than you can use? Yard waste is banned from disposal by state law, so yard waste should never be placed in the trash or the recycling bins. Bag them and set out on the curb on your trash day by 7am. Yard waste collection runs through December 9. (This schedule is weather dependent and subject to change.)

Keep Leaves Out of Storm Drains

Do not rake leaves into the street (unless they are being collected by a landscaper) and never push them into storm drains. Blocked storm drains cause flooding and are safety hazards for motorists and pedestrians. Also, when large amounts of leaves are washed off our lawns, down our driveways, into storm drains and into our water bodies, they release phosphorus and nitrogen into our water, contributing to water pollution. Residents are encouraged to remove leaves from storm drains, or you may call Customer Service 617-796-1000 (M-F 8:30am-5pm) or the Utilities Division 617-796-1640 (M-F 7am-3pm) to request a drain be cleared.

Need Help Raking Leaves in Your Yard?

Contact to connect with Newton teens who are available to help rake and bag your leaves. She will forward your contact information to our list of interested teens.